Cantonese Opera for Foreigners

Watch Jyutkek


How will you spend in Hong Kong?

How about watching Cantonese opera? There is Peking opera called "Jingju" that is most famous all of Chinese opera. In Cantonese including Hong Kong, Cantonese opera called "Jyutkek" is more popular than it.

On the lunar new year 2018, I watched Cantonese opera in Hong Kong. I watched some stories, that was my first time I met it.

Now, I want to convey you charm of Cantonese opera!

To meet with Cantonese opera

I cannot understand Cantonese language and not be familiar Chinese saga, so I didn’t understand details of the stories very well. But I was fascinated its beautiful costumes, dynamic actions, and delicate movements!

A story that I liked in particular is titled “Bailong (White dragon) outpost”. The heroine Jinding is elegant and powerful woman soldier.

She puts the accessories named pheasant feathers on her head. They look like long antennas, when she posed like a Kabuki, they moved elegantly. This is one of the most favorite thing for me.

This is certainly worth seeing!